Last Minute Dip

Every once in a while I forget things and end up trying to come up with something last minute that will make it seem like I was prepared.  One of my favorite last minute things to make is this dip, no specific name but it’s super easy to make.  So this is what you will need:

Cream Cheese (1 block at least, depending on # of people)

1 Jar of Chunky Salsa (Mild, Medium or Hot)

Tortilla Chips, Crackers, etc.

If you’re in a hurry take your cream cheese and put it in a bowl and microwave it for short amounts of time.  When creamy and no chunks are present start adding your salsa.  It takes quite a bit and you will want it to acquire a pink or dark pink color (I test it as I go to see how much more to add). I also usually add some Chipotle Tabasco for some extra spice and flavor.  That’s it, you can serve it warm or chill it until you need it!

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B&G 2-Go

This is probably one of the best and greatest things for breakfast for the person that is on the go or likes to just pull something out of the freezer in the morning, noon or night.  This recipe may include breakfast ingredients, but they are good anytime.  So here’s what you will need:

1 Can of Large Flaky Biscuits

1 Lb. of Sausage



Spices (onion powder, seasoning salt, pepper, garlic powder, paprika and any others that you want)

Brown Sugar

First, start browning the sausage, add your spices to taste and brown sugar.  When all of it is cooked add some flour to lightly coat it all.  Add your milk and let it thicken, stirring occasionally. Essentially just make sausage gravy if that makes this easier.  While you’re cooking the gravy flour a work surface and roll out your biscuits flat.  Use plenty of flour to keep them from sticking.  When the gravy is ready, hold a flat biscuit in one hand and fill with a few spoonfuls and then seal up the bottom and place on your cookie sheet.  Repeat this for the rest.  I usually put a little water on the top and put some good pepper on them.

Once you have them all filled bake on 350 until lightly brown on top, not sure of an exact time…just watch them.  Now you can eat them all, freeze some, and share them (I unwillingly do).



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Panini, Minus the Press

One of my favorite things to make are paninis, aside from not currently having a panini press and wanting to keep things simple I’ve decided to include another quick recipe with a quick addition that I like to do to everything.

For this you will need a loaf of good French or Italian Bread, Sliced Ham, Spreadable Cream Cheese, Butter, and Asiago Cheese (not entirely necessary…actually, yes it is.)  So here’s what you do:

Slice the Bread-Thicker is better

Butter it like you’re making a grilled cheese

Put Cream Cheese on one side and top with Ham

Cook on a pan over less than medium heat

Shred some Asiago Cheese and put in a bowl-not a whole bunch

When the bread is almost brown on one side, pick the sandwich up with the spatula and put some of the cheese down on the pan and then place the sandwich on top of it.  Let it cook for less than 30 seconds or until it looks done.  Now flip it over and repeat to the other side.  In the end it should look like this:


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4 Ingredients, 1 Amazing Result

So after a recent encounter with what I instantly decided was one of the best desserts I’ve ever had, I went on a search to re-create it.  The recipe that I found is so simple and will surely become one of your favorites.  So, here is the recipe…

1 Cup of Heavy Cream

4 ounces of Finely Shaved Semi-Sweet Chocolate

3T and 1t of Sugar

1t of Vanilla

Bring the Cream, Sugar and Vanilla to a simmer in a small pot.  Make sure to have all of your chocolate in a good sized bowl. Once the cream mixture is simmering pour over the chocolate and let stand for 1 minute.  Whisk the mixture until well blended.  Pour evenly into 4 ramekins, or other small dish.  Put in the refrigerator and let chill for at least 4 hours.

Make sure you don’t use cheap chocolate, Ghirardelli works very well.  I sometimes use a mix of Semi-Sweet and Bittersweet Chocolate, and always get some extra cream to make some Whipped Cream.  Just whisk it and add a little sugar and vanilla.  Once you’re ready, top with the whipped cream and enjoy! The name by the way is Pot De Creme.


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Strong Willed

There are only a few things that must be said about this picture: iPhones are amazing for taking pictures quickly and easily. Secondly, everyone can appreciate how pictures can be so simple (which is why I like them) there’s no right or wrong interpretation, it’s whatever you get from it.  And finally, taking pictures is easy and fairly simple, putting a harness on a cat and then proceeding to walk the animal….Probably not so much

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The Purpose

I’m not usually very good at keeping my blog updated, so as a warning, when I post will usually be just as sporadic as what I post.  I wanted to create this blog to provide people with sporadic experiences, destinations, tasks, ideas, pictures, and just about anything that I think is simple to do or provides simple pleasure.  Hopefully I can make it past 4 entries with this blog…

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